About 5th & Shady

At 5th & Shady we believe it is important for our customers to understand the meaning behind the name of our company.

As with all things in life, many athletes find themselves having to make a decision and choices in sports and life. 5th & Shady found ourselves at the crossroads of life and what do in the next chapter of our lives. We provide an alternative sport for athletes to play year round that is all about skill, not size and brute strength. We were inspired for our name watching an episode of “Friday Night Lights.”

Yes, it is all about football in Texas, but full of life lessons. The coach and two players faced a dilemma in that the two star players were at each other’s throats and coach had to pick them up from jail. Coach gave them the option to continue on their respective paths in life that led to mediocre outcomes at best, or embrace the sport and the team to lead to greatness. Allowing them to work it out together, coach dropped them off at the corner of 5th & Shady. The crossroads of sport and life.

Dallas Fort Worth Lacrosse Professionals

We provide high quality clinics, camps, moderately priced lacrosse equipment, uniforms, and sports apparel. Our goal is to be the regionally recognized “Go to” company for all things lacrosse while maintaining a small town community relationship with our customers: ensuring two-way communication with our clients in order to meet their every need.

The 5th & Shady Lacrosse league provides local community lacrosse players a venue to be a part of a team, play in their community, learn teamwork and discipline while giving back to the pride and spirit of the region. Our clinics focus on mastering basic skills while encouraging leadership, discipline, fitness fundamentals and a strong desire to win.

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