Team USA Confidential: Polling the U.S. Men's National Team

We polled the U.S. men’s national team on a variety of topics. Here’s what we learned.

Rabil Has Doubts, Too

“I don’t think we ever fully overcome self-doubt or external challenges. Acknowledging them, then committing to the work necessary to persevere is ultimately what you’ll most often remember more than anything.”

Paul Rabil

Late Bloomers

“I played with all of my best friends for our town team. I did not commit to playing club lacrosse until 10th grade.”

— Joe Nardella

“It was all about playing for your town team, taking pride in your town when playing other towns and developing fundamentals. We were encouraged to play other sports so the commitment wasn’t overbearing when it came to lacrosse.”

— Rob Pannell

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Brian Logue
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Best Lacrosse Memory

“This is a very recent memory and it would be stepping on the field with my brothers in the Team USA vs. Maryland exhibition game. For three brothers from the state of Florida to step on one of the biggest stages in our game, representing Team USA and one of the best college programs in the country in Maryland, it was surreal.”

— Jesse Bernhardt

What inspired you to try out for Team USA? “Redemption.” What does playing for Team USA mean to you? “Everything.” — Greg Gurenlian
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Hidden Talents

“I love Disney music. Huge ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fan. I can do the splits, and I am a first-degree black belt.”

— Brian Phipps

Advice to Young Players

“Nothing is handed to you. All of the successful coaches I have played for and players I’ve played with have all put in hours and hours of hard work when no one was watching to get to where they are today. Just showing up to practice doesn’t do it.”

— Mike Manley

“The beauty of our sport is that it doesn’t matter if you are playing for Team USA or club lacrosse with your buddies over the summer. The best part of our game is those relationships. All of the people that will eventually be in my wedding I met because of the game of lacrosse. Enjoy every day you pick up your stick, and you will reach your potential.”

— John Galloway

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We polled the U.S. men's national team on a variety of topics. Here's what we learned.

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